My Story

“ It takes tremendous effort and skill to make jewels of elegant simplicity”.


Adrian Lewis is a contemporary jewellery designer with a career spanning 35 years. He is admired for his artistry and concept-driven approach to design; history, heritage, nature and colour are sources of infinite inspiration for creation.

Adrian Lewis pieces are collected by serious jewellery collectors familiar with an international quality of fine jewels, or simply by those who seek to wear unique, luxury jewellery of outstanding elegance and timeless beauty. His master craftsmanship is infused with a distinctive use of diamonds, coloured gems, semi-precious stones and pearls.

“As a man making jewellery for a woman, I am conscious engineering-wise of weight, balance and scale. I have a slightly more European approach to design and a lot of my pieces are far more nature-based of organic. There are not boundaries as what jewels can be made”